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Our Etos We're agile, sophisticated, client-focused, so you can prove it. I'm not a criminal lawyer who claims to understand the nuances of commercial law. a supplemental explanation of a large and many specialized law firm left among weeds. No a solo who cannot bring depth of experience or create new ideas Dell's well-versed legal team provides advice on establishing, licensing, risk management, regulatory, compliance, land use, water, cash flow, employment, and investor relationships. You can also help you develop strategies for doing business in multiple states.

Established in 2014


Cannabis Strategic Attorney: Our trusted reputation for providing comprehensive tactical and strategic advice based on the goals of the cannabis company has been proven to be effective, useful, and valuable for a wide range of customers of the cannabis company.

Ann Van Leinseare is a partner in the establishment and operation of the seven-point system. After more than 30 years of business, Dr. Julis, and an international executive, MBA, Ann is an excellent company lawyer. Through a commercial lens, she becomes a reliable legal tactician and customer business advisor, considering legal issues.

Anne V.
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