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&Frosting; LLC is a law office focused on surveys of tax issues and lawsuits, international tax issues, tax planning, real estate planning, white collar criminal defense and regulation by various government agencies, including Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Led by lawyers and certified accountants Glen E, the company consists of professional teams of lawyers, certified accountants, registered agents, certified fraud inspectors, and other experts. Our team has a unique perspective on tax and finance from a broad and clear blend of tax and tax disputes, and experience in white collar criminal defense and real estate planning.

Established in 2011


- Compliance with international taxes - &IRS Amplifier; State Tax Litigation - Investigation of criminal tax - Items for tax collection - &Business Amplifier; Employment tax issue - Estate Planning amplifier; Manage - Cryptographic currency

As Anapolis-licensed tax lawyers and certified public accountants, Glenn is familiar with the procedures and substantial tax laws required to represent customers involved in IRS litigation, IRS audits, foreign bank account reporting (FBAR), collections, criminal investigations. I was able to combine my years of work as a company auditor and a forensic accountant with the background of tax, and came up with a creative strategy to solve the IRS tax problem.   As a lawyer who practices only in the field of tax issues, I understand the need to build a strong relationship between an aggressive approach and assigned agents. This balance enables customers to achieve superior results and protect their customers from potential catastrophe.

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Thank you for your cooperation with our customers and staff. You've had a long hard time paying taxes. Alicia and staff provide easy and easy filing  Everything in this year is tax.

01/03/2021 09:30am