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Did you commit a crime? Annapolis's Crime Defense Lawyers for Traffic, Drug, Sexual Crimes, DUI, Theft, Pollution, Non-Violent Crimes and Other Crimes Henry & Amplifier; If you are charged with, Henry Atlunny at Law has everything you need to protect your rights. This is a team with over 30 years of experience and thousands of cases, and is persistent and highly skilled. We know and take care of the details we need to work with our customers to help them achieve their goals. In addition to crime defense, the Personal Injury Act is implemented to provide support for the compensation of injury caused by other parties' actions, and to provide family law dealing with issues such as divorce, parental rights of child, and add options. Contact us now. Schedule a free consultation and learn more about this dedicated team.

Established in 2005

Henry, Robin K. Esk, entered the Maryland state bar in 2005. He works hard as a customer advocate, and other lawyers feel comfortable talking to customers as needed. Currently, he is Henley & He is a full-time, highly skilled Anapolis lawyer. Henley Attorneys at Law covers several areas of practice, including crime defense, personal injury and family law. He strongly believes that he will provide careful and caring care to customers outside the court and provide persistent and positive support for customers in the court. #39; If you want to talk to members of the Goal Team, you can get a free call now to build a highly customized legal strategy to achieve customer and ampere by looking at the details and responding thoroughly.

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