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Martz Legal was created with the sole purpose of helping business owners protect their assets, brands and reliability. To solve legal problems, business owners hire Martz Legal at fixed rates and get involved in costly litigation. Dell's pricing is pre-set so that business owners can budget on a budget, rather than being surprised by monthly bills A business with 100 employees and 100 to 20 million employees. Typical legal services for businesses include: The Employment Law, the drafting and review of contracts, consumer litigation, real estate acquisition, government lobby

Established in 2008


Legal services include: Business Law, Real Estate Transaction, Real Estate Settlement (MD&)DE), state and local government lobby, contract negotiation & mediation.

Travis Maltz has spent more than a decade representing the company's executive, professional and successful companies with sophisticated bargaining skills. The  Travis helps you build the leverage so that your customers have power in all negotiations.  Travis provides compliance advice to business clients so that a single legal action does not destroy asset owners who have a hard time building and maintaining them.

Travis Martz was born in Montgomery County and now lives in Ann Arundel County.  Travis is   at Univ. Baltimore Law School He is a member of Maryland Bar Association and Anne Arundel Bar Association.  Travis is also an authorized mediator for Maryland.

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