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At the time of its founding in 1982, it concentrated on the Tax Act and the Corporation Act (Mr.Hosea) and the Inspection and Real Estate Act (Mr.McNamee). In 1985, Mr. Kim, who represents his customers in the business, joined the company. By 1988, McNeh Hosey grew into seven legal companies. December 1, 1988, Milton Gernigan & amp; It merged with. Associates, P.C., a merger of companies, banks and real estate, established in 1982, expanded the number of lawyers to 10 and expanded their expertise into the fields of franchise law and banking. After the merger, Mr. Gernigan was appointed as principal. After that, Lynch and Bale were chosen as the principal of the company. On January 1, 2002, McNay, Hosie, Jenigan & amp; Kim Percy James M. Greenan, P.C., and Eskia, the practice of the Merger Thomas Walker Law, brought McNay Hosey the talent and resources of Mr. Green, Mr. Walker, his associates and staff.

Established in 1984


McNay Hosey was founded in 1982 in Prince George County (Maryland). The company continued to expand into Anne Arandel County, the south of Maryland and the east coast when it established its first Anapolis office in 1993. McName Hosea has more than 25 attorneys, providing the highest levels of client service and responsiveness. Each customer's interest is based on a team approach, and customers can benefit from a combination of expertise and years of experience.